17 thoughts on “How I miss the water

  1. These are GREAT! Love the flash/surprise shot! That last one reminded me of when I went down an Olympic sized ski jump the second time. I did NOT mean to flip! I don’t know how I ended up landing on my feet.

  2. All Great!! yes But: #1 for his all around hotness and cute face ,looks like an everyday boy!! #2 Because ?….yeah because! Just look at him! heart The body and seeing every fine detail of muscles and bones!! His hot package and all around mouth watering body and face !! Oh please!… dash #6 Another water god! So sexy and hot! #7 just the fact they are boys having fun and are cute!! #8 Another cute but still arousing look at some cute boys playing! Look at the little blondie on the left in red trunks!! What a doll!! and those spread eagle legs!!! Oh so hot! inlove Brilliant post!!! Thomix! good …* As a BL and a Water Lover too (Where I live there is water all over in many forms) I especially enjoyed this post If theres any water in any form (Oceans,Rivers,Lakes,Strems,Brooks,Waterfallls!) I’m there! Especially when the boys are there!!! Boys LOVE water!! So do I……

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