20 thoughts on “First post

  1. You take a awesome first pic – thanks for sharing it. Hope to see more pics of you soon and it would be great to chat with you anytime. Nice to see you and meet you. Take good care.

  2. Yeah! Yes, yes it would be nice to see more pics of you. I like boys wearing jeans so if you have something like that, so it would be nice. Then I like also face images. Thank you for this your first pic. You look very pretty … nice “young man”. good

  3. dash dash dash good heart hug inlove ….Need I emoji more? Okay you are Hot,Haut and Hawt !!! Very fresh faced sweet goodlooking cute sexy sexy boy! Dying to see more of you! Just my type with your eyes and your hair and oh yeah love those freckles…and that tongue out……you little tease! lol I’m Hooked!

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