17 thoughts on “Florian Poddelka 1/5

  1. Guessing from the URL this is already the 15th or 16th post named Florian Poddelka and there are probably some more with different names. I doubt that it really needs 4 more posts laugh

  2. Some one was asking some one else if they thought Florian is sexy. The other else replies that if the first does not think Florian is sexy then the question would never come up. He also says that Florian is not sexy. He is extremely cute. ‘I am sexy’, he also adds. Plus then says, ‘Florian is a picture’. Ten years anyway. dash

  3. There is NO doubt that Florian is/was whatever one of THE,If not the hottest boys out there! He has all the attributes a BL or whoever would want to have in a boy! Hes a hall of famer! good in the boy model category…One of the finest! Yeah some may think theres too many Florian posts but just because WE may have seen them all,dont forget there are new BL`s everyday and new BoB followers who have not seen Florian yet,I never get tired of him,I know some Danny lovers will scalp me.. chuckle but id rather see Florian anyday in a repost then Danny?……. So Florian lives on,Yes Quanty we know hes older now and these are just pictures DUH…aren’t all of these “just pictures”? That’s what BoBs about PICTURES hello! anyone in there,any how He will live on in the BL`s world forever!!

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