Harsh Reality (if your faint hearted, don’t look)

It’s a sad fact that we all have to live with. They don’t stay young forever. Enjoy them wile you can, because this is what they turn into.

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Make it stop.

I can’t stop crying. ;( ;(

28 thoughts on “Harsh Reality (if your faint hearted, don’t look)

  1. The younger justin bieber was cute,I had a crush on him so bad that my phone was full of photos of him…but now his looks ain’t so cute…..ever since the hair went up he changed..looks and he became a dickhead who nobody likes anymore but some

  2. I thought I was the only one here who watched Macaulay in michael’s videos. Not only the music video clips. These two had so much fun together and there are many videos of young Culkin hanging around with Michael…

  3. >o_0< AHHH even my emote is gettin crows feet. Look what you Started now ;-p !!

    At least your post was 50% cute (o_o)

    Omg what happened to Noah Hathaway ( Atreyu ) ?
    Macaulay Culkin was one of my fav child actors. He was still cute in Party Monster, Grown but cute. Holy Thats a bad picture.
    Good post

  4. OMG! Noah Hathaway and Haley Joel Osment! I think in many ways, you two are the author of your own looks now! Eat sensibly, avoid stupid haircuts, and don’t pull silly faces for the camera! Your “now” pics could have looked so much different.

  5. Well, growing up is part of life and a process that cannot be stopped cry
    I guess the best we can do is to treasure what they had done and keep them as fond memories forever!

    Young HJO is still one of the most beautiful and cutest boys I’ve seen heart heart

    Funny enough, today there’s a ‘Happy’ post and a ‘Sad’ post laugh I guess this summarizes life in general chuckle

  6. Notably absent is Leif Garrett (but I guess everyone has already seen what’s become of him), and Macaulay Culkin would look a lot better with a haircut and a shave.

  7. Well… Michael Jackson could be in your list for sure! The most awful transformation of all…
    The world of show business does such things often not rare: pressure, money fights, immaturity. Why expect different fate?

    • I remember seeing Billy Gilman performing at the Michael Jackson 30th anniversary show, Michael and Macaulay were sitting together, Billy was singing Ben and It seemed for all the world as if it could have been Billy’s official induction into the child star freak show, but to his credit has stayed clear of that path.

  8. I am crying because my dream is see little boys pure innocent and forever young
    My hope is that this It is possible in others dimension
    I love very boys
    I am crazy for boys feet

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