Cute boys In Music


awe sad


Capture3Have fun laugh


Not boys boys boys?


Capture2Awe laugh






CaptureA random one.


Marcus & Martinus – Elektrisk ft. Katastrofe


I would, but I cannot meet you sad




Meet marcus and martinus. They are singers from Norway, and have a bit of music videos.


I put some on here. Here is a list:

Marcus and Martinus – I don’t wana fall in love

Marcus and Martinus – Girls

Marcus and Martinus – Heartbeat

Marcus and Martinus – Elektris Ft. Katastrofe

Marcus and Martinus – Alt Jeg Onsker MEg

And the other picture that wasn’t marcus and martinus was random.


Hope you enjoy! Leave comments so I know what you want for future post!

5 thoughts on “Cute boys In Music

  1. LeafyIsHere made videos on all those rich kids with music videos. Like Jacob, Mark, and also these two, Highly recommend to watch. Some funny shit.

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