23 thoughts on “Supplement and Bonus

  1. awwww more of the first beauty joy and the last boy is really stunning, he looks a bit special for me. But in a really nice way, it would really difficult to look away from him, if he would be in my near inlove Thanks for sharing Thomix penguin cat joy

  2. I’m convinced these pictures are the same boy,the last ones are of him with longer hair. He seems to have the same gap in his teeth and the same shaped nose,But he looks sweet in a blue shirt and his legs are beautiful .

  3. I love the boy in the last pics.
    The very last one though almost looks like he is going to cry. I don’t want my boys to be sad. I want them to be happy.
    Nothing brings joy, like a happy young boy.

  4. Looking at picture seven ,I thought he was tied up …………..Wishful thinking I suppose . sad
    I like those second series pictures, they look like there could be from the seventies .

  5. fabulous lips swell of sensations and love the spirit of goodness and beauty.
    that would be nice to know your name escrirlo in the sand on the beach in memory of their sweetness …!
    Admire the beauty fill our hearts with kindness and wealth.

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