20 thoughts on “Blonde Cutie

  1. The blonde boy’s name is Thomas,the other boy is James they are sportfotos models and have a series of sets available from that site, the set with him wearing the pink speedo is no longer available but the others all are

    • Great first post. thanks for sharing him and then the 2 of them. My mind is reeling with the possibilities which are endless for him / them. Love the helpful bob member comments on where to find more pix of both of them.

  2. I love this kid! He looks so sexy and hot! Love his friend too! Can you imagine those two doing the do? dash laugh He looks hot and I do like those pits! Usually I like hairless younger boys and their smooth pits ,But his pubie type pits are a turn on! That only tells you hes not shooting blanks! He can deliver the goods! shock Love him! Nice Post too! Thanks!

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