10 thoughts on “Kaleb coming out

  1. Not pretentious at all Its one of the only defense mechanisms he has to deal with his feelings of being chastised so let him be……Hes a gay boy in a world that professes to be open yet is still closed when it comes to another’s differences! Hello look at us BL`s??? Need I say more!Anyone talking shit is only jealous and envious that they didn’t have the balls to come out at his age! Leave this kid alone, he’s been through enough hell in his short young life! I think while effeminate he’s a cutie ! I like his eyes and hair and he has a cute face ,yes his voice and mannerisms are effeminate but hey he’s a gay boy and hes flaunting it, he vogueing let him be…………If you don’t want him,Ill take him!

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