14 thoughts on “Let’s vote POST 2

  1. Tough choice … #2 si cuter but #1 is showing off the bod. I guess I’m a slave to the shirtless look … I wanna see more of #1 after he gives up the “open shirt” attitude and just takes the damn thing off. Number one.

    • I agree 100% with you Chad.

      But Kaper, irrespective of which photograph is preferred by blog members, ……damn, boy…..you’re hot as hell. Just post more pictures of yourself !!
      dash laugh good inlove

  2. Already told you in your last post how gorgeously cute heart and HOT dash I think you are but I said it again just so you know!!! I love the sexy open shirt pic! a lil blurry but I can see all of your hotness,,,pic to Love that face ! Wish your hand was out of the way though…your face is too cute to cover up,although the pic does have a sexy quality to it! Cant wait for more! a fan!

  3. Yeah … wow … the first pic is almost perfect, or in the fact, it is perfect. You look very, very … uh shock dog heart blush good sorry now, my language skills are not enough to describe what is moving in my head (hmm … usually my head is quite empty). The second pic is also such one which I like. Something in your eyes attracts me in particular. Thank you for these pics … I think that the camera loves you just as we bloggers do. Yet something more, please. yes

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