10 thoughts on “Facebook Time #1

  1. Warning about #5. I’d remove that photo image off Facebook asap. Facebook is stringent on child pornography. I’ve had a few young friends totally lose their Facebook privileges because they used half naked and topless images of themselves. rtfm

  2. 5 is hot. shock blush I’m surprised if that’s an actual post and it didn’t get reported. Unless it’s a private message. Either way, I’d be careful about that. rtfm

    3 is just beautiful to where you really wouldn’t mind at all having blue on your lips. inlove chuckle

  3. Yes #5 IS HOT..I don’t see what all the fuss is about! no Hes not showing anymore then you would see at the beach in public! Or in store magazines etc etc, He only has his shirt off why are some tripping? This is NOT illegal anywhere in the world, Its a boy with his shirt off…Now if some of you know that theres MORE showing then here ???? Tell me were,hurry…lol.. chuckle Anyway P.S. I guess old crusty Zuckerberg feels the need to censor kids pics but wont allow the FBI permission to track Islamic Terrorists who actually are killing/hurting people ,Go figure!

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