34 thoughts on “Oh, so ticklish!

  1. #3 & 5 I consider torture, even if the boy is laughing doesn’t mean he’s necessarily enjoying it! My Dad and older brother used to pin me down like that and tickle me to the point of total distress. So please guys, if you engage in this kind of interaction with boys make sure they are enjoying it too! always setup a signal with him that he can easily give to indicate he’s had enough. yes

    • I can’t agree more. Unless you had it done to you you have no idea what you are doing.
      It’s worse than drowning. No word of a lie, my brothers were vicious, they literally made me pass out. Im not exaggerating, I mean convulsing unconscious. Its pure hell.
      Tickle -games- can be fun, but have mercy, let the kid breath !

      sorry just had to say that – (#3) the picture of the boy on his back ~ kinda hurt to look at – Flashbacks. ~ And Quantium is right, sometimes the boy will hold the grudge for a LONG time, (if not forever.)
      End of rant. ┌(@_@)┘

      However… 1,2,4 I liked ~ So I did like the post. /shrugs. Just hadda say my thing

    • Yeah, normally you can tell when a boy really doesn’t want to be tickled and/or they can’t breathe, but the. There are some boys who secretly love it laugh. I actually think #5 looks the happiest out of all of them!

  2. Number FOUR is an old favorite from LEAF and the two of them as well as the tickled one alone there in are in other non-tickling but really nice pictures. FAVE PIC !!! laugh (agree, do not force the issue … tickle torture is not fun but can cause choking and maybe resentment never forgiven)

  3. Ive heard that tickling a certain soft,sweet smelling area with your tongue can elicit a very positive response for both participants! yes I love doing that! joy

  4. Ohhh wow yes!!!

    2 and 5

    Tied up boys mmmmmmmmm

    5. The caption at top… It’s true .I got tied up many times in boy scouts… And had a lot more than a feather on and in me ;-)

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