17 thoughts on “Why I like the weekend

  1. Boy in green shorts looks ready for it! Last bunk bed boy Oh man! I would be his bunk mate too! Top or bottom chuckle for him,Although id prefer to be the top laugh good

    • Agree boyaddicked that boy in “green shorts” (#9) looks ready for anything! Thanks alterboy for sharing all of them…a very creative post and I am fantasizing about a weekend with any of them top, bottom or otherwise. Agree with alterboy about the gorgeous legs, etc. on #3 but have to ask does #7 have any clothes on?

  2. Think the first boy is cheering on the soldier boys who are out to arrest the tuff boy in #3 who stole the cat which then runs away to join the runaway soldier boy, now in repose. It all Starts with #5 who jumps ship due to the lure of the two GRASS ELVES we see in #6 as they conjure their power with pebbles, also the cat’s name. Sketch artist reporter can’t get any info on the case even from the detective who, as we see in #8, is busy flying high on soft air. Meanwhile, the captain is glorifying in our attention as he retales the story of the dormitory club he knows of as we see in #10. smile In case you were wondering. smile why do YOU like the weekend ?

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