17 thoughts on “Florian Poddelka 4/5

  1. Quanty I’m not exactly sure what goes on in your brain wacko But to me ,right or wrong I willfully admit FLORIAN IS SEXY! How could anyone not look at that boy and see his sex appeal oozing from under the lens? He is cute of course,Beautiful,Handsome and SEXY! He has the “IT” factor …..Perfect in every way… yes Some people have a nice face but the body is Meh? no Okay…and vice versa some have a smoking body but the face isn’t so hot. sorry This kid has it all…very cute face,hot smooth flawless body…..nice smile sultry eyes,great hair etc etc. This boy is SEXY! good I love him and always will! inlove He is the epitome of a boy! Anyone that doesn’t find him sexy has some useless junk down under laugh maybe its time for the little blue pill chuckle ….Love ya Flo ! heart hug inlove dash dash cool

  2. Had seen this pics before but it doesn’t matter how many times… Florian is a boy blessed with the rare quality to stand over the time’s test!!!
    He is in the Pantheon for sure….
    I wonder: Knows he how much he is beloved for us???

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