14 thoughts on “MORE RED-HAIRED BOYS 4 U

  1. #9 is the hottest boy I have ever seen. I love boys with lots and lots of freckles. Thank you for making my day. All of these boys look so yummy. I love #8 very pretty. I love #1,2,3 so dreamy.

  2. Great I love gingers!! I like all but as usual I have favs! Pic # 4 wee boys eating dots that’s so sweet and cute love the boy in the middles eyes! Oh so blue!!! #7 for the also cute factor big bro and little bro having fun! #10 cause I like this teens mop head ! Now that’s one tuft of red hair that looks so sexy on him! Hes flaunting his redness too! Good for him! good and he looks great too! ALL the boys are striking and unique, I love the color of all their eyes so sexy!!! although I sometimes wonder how much they are teased because of all the freckles on their faces! Yeah WE may think its cute but I do wonder? Anyhow they are special to me! Great post Thanks! good

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