58 thoughts on “Me in boxers

  1. Commented on this yesterday! This censoring shit is getting kind of old! I did NOT say ANYTHING that others commented on and used the same words above as they used yet my comment was the only one singled out to be erased! WTF ! Im sure i will get the same lame,tired ,old excuses blah,blah,blah! Why should me or anyone take the time out to comment only to have their comments repeatedly censored and erased! I could see if i was using very foul or suggestive language OUTSIDE the NORM of everyone else! I/WE have been down this long and boring road too many times already! Do you really want new members ? Do you wish to keep devoted members coming back to your site? This is NOT the way to do it! Tired of wasting my time while trying to be an active member of this site only to have my comments constantly censored for no good reason . If the standard wasn’t a biased double standard i could live with it,but other comments are some times alot more graphic and obscene even yet im being singled out constantly! Its bullshit and it makes me not want to contribute to any more commenting…I know all of the lame excuses you guys have already used to explain the reason some of my comments are erased but to me its nothing more then lame excuses, Thanks for ruining my fun times on BOB.

  2. I have to say, your face is very similar to how i picture one of the characters in my stories. Thank you for sharing. Have fun and be safe!

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