7 thoughts on “The Odyssey: Summer (Part 2)

  1. I love the play of light and shadow, and the way in which the subjects melt into the scenery to give an unworldly effect, as if time is being distorted. I really like #6, and the way that the boy in #7 appears almost in camouflage. It actually took me a little while to see him. #10 is simply surreal.

    • Thanks. It’s nice when someone appreciates the work, especially the preparation, which sometimes is hit and miss. Frequently, the light is wrong and I just have to wait for another day’s sunlight to be cast where I want it and to that intensity. I know. Boring. But that is the life. I have more to post but I am taking a break from BoB for a while. I need to get my head in a better place, and not be such a raving bitch.

  2. Love these pics – they are fascinating. Takes a lot of work to do these – nicely done. Hope to see more pics like these soon. All the best and good luck to you and hope you return soon.

  3. I’m at Queer Camp and a few of the guys have seen my work. They’ve asked me to do a photoshoot at camp. What better a place to get boy models but at summer camp, right? They won’t let me do it at the campground. Some legal reason.
    But I can take pictures at the hotel while we’re waiting. Prepare yourselves. It might not actually come out until around February 2017. It takes a lot of time to put this shit together. First, the picture taking, then the photo edits, then the photoshop touches, compositions and layout and final production.
    “I will serve no wine before it’s time.” —Unknown

    • Right! What better place to get boy models, especially boys who really want to model for you to do a photoshoot. How inspirational for you.
      I’m sure you’ll produce something really terrific, and It will be well worth waiting for. May the muse be with you!
      Have fun, stay safe, – and stay cool.

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