Olypmic Games 2016

Let the Games Begin.

Which is your favorite Sport?

Track and Field?









or Gymnastics?

Perhaps another?


28 thoughts on “Olypmic Games 2016

  1. Soccer. I used to play soccer since I was 6 but I stopped 2 years ago. I loved playing and when I would be on the sidelines I would look at the hot boys running and sweating on the field. It used to turn me on a lot laugh

  2. Suddenly , I’m feeling very sporty so would love to have a run with #1 then
    have a bit of “contact” with our wrestlers. If I have enough energy after that what
    about a game of tennis and basketball ? To round off the day how about a game of archery?
    Those two blondies can shoot arrows at me all afternoon. Great post. Love it. Thanks.

  3. Fav sport is football (=soccer) by far.
    My tastes apart, I like swimming boys for their body and speedo, gym boys for their muscles and wrestling boys because wrestling is kind of hot and I like the domination thing lol

    Ok and that little runner is cute, so are the two archery boys, this should be the official suits for archers ^^

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