73 thoughts on “Absolute Incredible

  1. I report you.

    I really do not accept this. People like you should not see any boys!!

    Do you really think boys like it if you use them as your personal sex object???!!
    I am ashamed of a person like you!!

    You are not love boys, you just abuse them!!!!

  2. P.E.R.F.E.C.T …………Absolutely gorgeous!! dash dash Stunning,adorable….so many great words to describe this boy!!! I LOVE him!!! inlove Some say they have seen him before? I havent and im glad you posted him!!! Boy o boy will i dream tonight!!! I could only wish to have a boy like him someday…… hug Thanks…and umm more please!!! good

  3. I would really fall in love with him in an instant. What a heartage that would be, if i met him on a campsite. Gladly i did’nt……I fell in love with a compareable bueatyful boy before. Nobody allowed it, and so people made my life to an hell. Love should be shared,always.

  4. WOW, what can I say that has not already been said… He is super sexy, looks so hot in his sexy orange speedo, what a hot body, love his poses… He friend is also very hot with a really nice butt. Thanks for posting them…

  5. He is absolutely incredible and a lot of other words! Beautiful face, hair, body — what a perfect shape he has! Is there more of him? Well, I know there’s more under those orange shores… but I mean more pictures of him. smile

  6. Both are incredible!
    Thanks for sharing them!


  7. Absolutely perfect! I cannot pull away from viewing this sweet study in orange. Beautiful face and hair. Expressive eyes.
    Actually two great additions in this photo. Luckily one found a post to anchor onto!
    So happy to be back on this blog!

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