Boys as Art – Beautiful Photography #1

Hi all, I’ve recently decided to give up on Tumblr as a venue to share the photography of boys that I really enjoy so hopefully I’ll find this site more welcoming.

While I love the candid shots that make up the majority of the posts here, I wanted to share something a little different. My main interests are beautiful photography and beautiful boys, so everything that I post will be combining these two loves of mine.

I often retouch, crop or otherwise tweak the photos I post my own tastes, but I always try and keep the essence of the original. I will always give credit to the original photographer when I know it, and if anyone knows the ones I miss, I’d love to find out!

I’d also love to chat with any of you guys on here. I use Kik and Telegram so just PM me and we can connect!

So without further ado, my first selection…


Daniel 1
Copyright © Roman Glaser (NovelArt)



Copyright © Melissa Squires



Gavin Casalegno



Copyright © Boy-Idols






Copyright © Erica Montgomery



Unknown (1)



Michael Campion



William Gold 4
Copyright © William Gold




30 thoughts on “Boys as Art – Beautiful Photography #1

  1. Beautiful pics and beautiful boys – 1 and 10 boys are incredible. Nice work – thanks for sharing these pics and looking forward to more pics soon. Boys really are art.

  2. Great work! Sleepin.. Love what you did with pic#1 While i love that boy!! I love what you did and the shadows in B&W. I too am a photographer whom appreciates artistic interpretation, a hot looking boy or any subject for that matter shot in a certain way in a certain light and with artistic taste can propel that piece of work (the photo in this case) to a whole other level…… looking forward to more from you! Thanks! good ,

  3. I really like the #1, the model is Denial, he’s my favourite. This photo is from a series called Light and Shadow, it was uploaded on the NovelArt’s own website, which is shuted down. Anyone have this set?

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