52 thoughts on “More of me

    • Even though I love their pics I do wish they would go to these other places also. I can’t figure why they are here. I’m not complaining that they are here I’m just puzzled.

  1. Ive already told you that i think you are very HOT…Just my type for sure..and we resemble each other a tad…could pass for brothers or cousins im sure! Love Ya Michael and only wish you were right here next to me so i could take you places, hang out at the beach,cruise in my super fast car,play video games gamer4 ,chat etc etc or do whatever you like thats fun to you!!! It never hurts to dream!!…well….with a boy like you i guess it kinda does hurt………….not to have you near me. laugh Awwww! blush See ya cutie!

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