37 thoughts on “My underwear

  1. I like scars. It shows youve lived. I have one large scar on my stomach and I used to be self conscious about it. So confidence with scars is good. But yes a face pic would be nice. Someone should do a post about boys with scars. :3

  2. I love yours and others (your not the only one) who try to develop an artistic buldge.But one caveat to your endeavors….. at least TRY to make them look realistic…Im very familiar chuckle with that part of the boy anatomy and while ive seen(and more of course ) chuckle my share of bulges these and some of the other posters are fake! While it may look nice its NOT realistic…Now i could go into specifics about dimensions and structure…I think i would have to get a clearance from Sascha first!! laugh NOT that i would be vulgar,but i would and could be very descriptive in that part of the anatomy…* Please dont take this comment the wrong way i dont mean to offend,yet on the other hand its unfair to bamboozle others with fake portrayals of anatomy….Give us the real thing! Im sure you and the others are fine just as you are,,,no stuffing required! Thank You! good AND by the way You dont need to front!! YOU have a smokin hot gorgeous body that i LOVE…..Great skin hot and tight and i would love to have it !!! You are hot! What about a face shot ??? I bet thats even hotter!

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