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  1. I personally would like to know were some of the nay Sayers heads are at? Are you actually trying to judge a person while perhaps others would be judging YOU for even being here?! Shame on you! no Who is saying that this pic is supposed to be arousing? This site BOB has many pics that are cute and have that AAww factor to them,Maybe you who are so annoyed by the pics of very young boys and often baby pics are the ones who are getting aroused by them! While I certainly am NOT interested in a sexual way by this “baby” and other very young boys..To each his own! I often see wee boys and babies posted on here and dont even think of them as sexual, so why are you? To me they are just cute pics of cute lil(wee) boys that are fun to look at and smile! Im the first to comment on many pics that i see that for ME the boys are way way too young! I may say that yes they are cute but not in my AoA…BUT i dont belittle and try to get moderators to sanction and delete photos because of it! This member has just as much right as you guys do to post what he feels is to his liking and if you dont like it dont look! Or maybe you should take a look at” the man in the mirror” or maybe you dont like the reflection Hummm….? wacko

    • I agree. Who are the rest of you to say this is wrong??? If you dont like it move on to the next post and stop judging others. None of you have the right to judge someone else for what they like.

    • 100% agree; while I’m not aroused by this young, it is just a photo, and the boy is not being abused or exploited obviously, such images would never be posted in the first place; If you don’t want to be judged by making sexual remarks about 12 year-olds then also don’t judge other people for liking to see photo’s that do not sexually arouse YOU (or anyone else as far as I can see). Also keep in mind that there is a HUGE difference between fantasy and reality. Having fantasies, about anything, and any age, is ok. It is not wrong and ppl should be allowed to enjoy their fantasies without a shred of guilt. Not allowing a non-sexual photo of a boy, purely based on his age, would violate that sacred rule that fantasies are always ok.

  2. It’s not a baby, the boy is 3 yes old so stop crying like girls about it.
    Babies crul not walk, it’s not a baby just a small boy he is cute that’s all.

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