9 thoughts on “The Odyssey (Fall) Part 2

    • Everything is done with my Canon EOS and Photoshop. I do have PicsArt for iPhone but I don’t use it. I will be posting the last and final part of the series tonight. I’m so tired. We did repelling at camp today.

  1. There are some real gems in amongst those. Each image has its own individual atmosphere, and each one has a different compositional idea, – and they all work. The 3rd & 4th images are perticularly striking, especially #4 where the image manipulation is perfect, and the monochrome effect in #3 adds tremendously to its mood. I also like the macabre effects of #1 & 7. (#7 is a real nightmare). Quantium is right, #5 does have a bit of M. C. Escher about it. There are also some colourfully surreal adventure scenarios for the leprechaun boy in 2, 6 & 8.

  2. Great !! As you know Ive told you i enjoy and appreciate your efforts and your work! Great series! In the most of the photos..who is that red-headed boy? a friend of yours? He is stunning! yes Anyway Thanks Flo…. good

    • Yeah, he’s my neighbour and best friend. He’s a cool surfer and guinea pig for some of my adventures. He’s not gay but many times he’s allowed me to paint him nude a few times. Tom is a Hawaiian actually. His parents were born here too. His grandfather was the only Japanese/American sailor given credit for shooting down a Jap fighter during the attack on the Hawaiian islands on December 7, 1941.

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