Young Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Thomas Brodie-Sangster is outstanding British actor, who is the world´s most beautiful man in my opinion. He was this cute when he was young.

This is exactly how the angels look like.

Angel ThomasCute Little Thomas 1Cute Thomas 2Cute Thomas 4Incredibly Beautiful 7Thomas in Love Actually 1Tom As Little Tristan 2Tom In Feather Boy 5Tommy 4Tommy 9994

Please, only decent comment. Thomas is a divine person to me.

14 thoughts on “Young Thomas Brodie-Sangster

  1. I liked him in Nanny McPhee (spelling?)

    I’ve always wondered if these young boys that do a lot of movies, if there doing something to get all these roles?

    Hope that doesn’t tarnish your thoughts of him!

    • He was always close to a movie industry, because his parents are both actors. And he took many castings. For example, he applied for the role of Ron Weasley in Harry Potter, but he didn´t get the role.

  2. My first crush he was the boy I liked before I liked boys pic 2 is him from stig of the dump I used to watch that aged 8 and I condt stop looking at him then when he appeared in doctor who I realized I loved him

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