My first post

Hey I just recently turnt 16 and i would lurk for a while so if your around my age 13-16 hit me up yeah thats it heres some pics of meIMG_6582image

11 thoughts on “My first post

    • Hey Eddy, good rule of thumb: if what you have to say isn’t nice, friendly and positive, don’t say anything. And I understand completely that he has some disguise on, it takes a lot of courage to show your face like this, here, and you can still see he’s cute, so i think it serves its purpose very well!

      • 696969 is having fun. Some people complain and comment as if this site is for them and them alone … that is THEIR way of having fun — or, ‘fun’ chuckle — but it is nice for 696969 to have humor smile smile

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