Olympic Games 2016 .3

The Games are winding down.

The Torch will be passed.

Which is your favorite Sport?


Track and Field?




Beach Volleyball?


Water Polo?


Weight Lifting?

Which Sport of the 3 Olympic Games Posts is GOLD?


18 thoughts on “Olympic Games 2016 .3

  1. Three were out the first time I came around, this time two, but a different two, YEA! I’m torn between track, diving and beach volleyball. Who am I kidding, IT’S VOLLEYBALL GUY!

  2. The first picture, Number ONE, of now nomore Phillip. If he ever does Thai boxing for real is not an issue. He is no more but a beautiful working of nature’s art upon which the camera enables his shows. He is a cause of alarm, regret, and energy. Or, a maker of nice things, good feelings, and somethings more than that’s. Thanks. smile smile smile He is not sexy. He is more than that to this brain. No girl ever gets this reacting. No girl ever. Never ever. He gets the body dance. heart

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