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  1. prejudice does not look nice, sorry if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. I am WAY over 30. You are a cute kid but don’t post if you don’t want me to look. I would never tell you not to comment on my post just because you are younger, that is ageist. anger

  2. As I was scrolling down the list of complimentary comments that I already KNEW were going to be there because a lot of member’s whom like boys will fall all over ANY boy who posts a pic and tells him how hot he is and who stumble all over each other to get them to PM them (like they are really interested chuckle) I said to myself Humm..Is anyone going to comment on how bossy and rude this boy comes across? Not only is this site voluntary but it also comes with no strings attached when it comes to comments! You cant tell someone how to comment and the threaten to stop your posts if someone isnt in compliance to your every little juvenile whims. YOU DO LOOK CUTE!! OK! But NOT cute enough no to dictate what I say,If you were a “Scotty” or “Cody”or a “Florian” I may possibly comply? laugh Begrudgingly of course!!! But you need to learn that the world doesn’t belong to you and you only! You ask for “Respect” but thats a two way street baby boy…Respect is earned by being respectful not disrespectful! As far as you not posting anymore? HuH I could care less! Theres TONS and TONS of other cute respectful boys here on BoB and in my real life ,dont get me wrong i wanted to welcome you but you hit a nerve! I do happen to fall into your criteria (not telling you which one) But also you need to learn that good-looks don’t always take precedent over attitude and class. cool

  3. You look really beautiful. smile I’m 18 so I got a little ways to go for 30. laugh Although, no matter what age I was, I would never have the confidence as you do to post pictures of myself. Keep up the good work. good

  4. Very very well said there boyaddicked. Your comment is where I stopped reading at. Only red any of the comments jus to see if anyone would set this lil snort nosed kid straight about real people and real life. I also agree that he is very cute and has sexy body. But what kind of mindless lil twit would post a pic of himself spreading the cheeks of his sexy ass apart on a public website and then worry and bark orders as to is allowed to look or comment about them. Hell by now every old perverted pedophile in the world has already had this pic emailed to them or even downloaded it themselves and probably even masterbated to it. Lmao. But like I said earlier. U are very cute and sexy so please post more. Thanx.

  5. Sometimes I wonder what people posting those selfies (or other shots of themself) want. When seeing the first pictures I think: not bad, but when I see 4 and 5 I start thinking: what is his real goal, pimping himself out or lowering his standards? I know some people here have a fixation for genitalia, but come on, this isn’t beauty, it is just sexualisation.
    So, if you thought posting those pictures of yourself would improve your moral, it might be right, but it will certainly also attract the wrong attention. And that’s unavoidable. So if you want to protect your safety and privacy I would strongly reconsider about what type of pictures I’d post. Just a friendly word of advice.
    And judging by your initial post: I am still entitled to comment. laugh

  6. Oh I did have one question young man; What has my comment, if I’m over 30, have to do with your privacy? I think everyone one here seems to be respectful. But as said before, it”s earned not given.

  7. As fotos ficaram muito boas, quanto à “respeito”, a internet é uma terra sem lei,a princípio,mas quem posta se expôe , essa é a verdade e está sujeito aos comentários de todos que navegam pela página.Eu gostei.

  8. I have mixed feelings too. First, thanks for sharing your pics. And you do take great pics because you are a cute and nice looking boy. But you are not going to be able to prevent older guys from looking at your pics or commenting on the pics because many of the people on the blog – like myself – are over 30 (although I wish that wasn’t the case) and there is no way around that. I do hope you will post more pics at some point. I also think you would be able to make a lot of friends of all ages – which is not a bad thing. But if you don’t want older guys to see your pics or you don’t want to chat with them, that is ok, but it might be better for you if you did not post more pics – at least until you feel more cocomfortable in doing so at some point down the road. Good luck and take care. MTV

    • Well,firstly you actually will have no way of finding out how old another member is simply by reading comments! People do tell fibs about their age as I’m sure you’ll know. And if you don’t wish for people to comment ,then why post these pics on this blog?
      My second point is this.If these pictures are of you then you are obviously a fine looking young man ( I’m over 30 by the way ). But these sort of pictures can easily be ‘lifted’ off sites like Tumblr and reposted. However,don’t fret,I believe you and the pictures are of you but please remember that once you post pictures of yourself on any site then basically the pics will go around the world for all to see (and share or download) but overall as MTV said if you don’t feel comfortable in sharing these pictures then don’t.On their own though,each picture is quite harmless as pictures 3,4 and 5 don’t actually show your face and they are all well taken I think.

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