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  1. Really guys!! C`mon has it really been THAT long boredom since you’ve seen a REAL package chuckle I don’t mean to be an anal orifice but you guys have to realize that big or not the shape in general doesn’t relate to the normal genital anatomy of even the biggest of the schlongs! Its not the largeness its the shape…its fake!!! I know that this site is an often fantasizing outlet so i don’t want to wreck the fun but theres been way too many “first posts” and “me” posts that are featuring supposed young 14 year olds that have massively fake buldges! P.S. Note to Kiper89 I am NOT slamming on you for the pics Its a great post with a hot boy!!!

  2. You guys just to need to get out more, you don’t think that’s big? OF COARSE IT IS! LOL! Haven’t you heard of big things in small packages before? You should have met my last husband, and he was only a bit over 5 feet tall, but hung like an elephant.

  3. I was somewhat skeptical myself as to its enormity, until I sharpened all the images and magnified them to 200, 300, 400 times original size to see if there was any tampering or photo shopping and couldn’t find any, Apparently nature actually has endowed him with an extra large package. Fortunate lad indeed. Much to be proud of.

  4. ? Some guys have have tiny tips and some guys walk around unaware of the large bump. Not often so even in the locker rooms now a days with the internet show … but see them sometimes around the neighborhood … see that the basketball professionals have baggie pants for years since the whatever year the internet is real. Note also the baggies of boxers in the professional boxing. OStill get a million dollars. ld photos show the old ”stuff” that is now deplete and now a days we get the clover leaf cover up —- recall the statue in Washington DC the judge covers up the tits of .. … as if sex is not real with eight billion people on the world. USA hooray f off the dick as if it is a fantasy only. hEY … the phony pictures are interesting however phony. The many “first posts” and “me” posts that are featuring supposedly young 14 year olds that have ”massively” ”fake” ”buldges” e t c are c.o.p.p.s. infects maybe. mmmm — Lots to figure.

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