25 thoughts on “Boys with body art

    • Maybe they are mostly wash offs … may be. chuckle Decorating as much as parading. Adults we all see do it. Momma momma does it every morning with her ____make up facing – and we tag along until we alter it to our selves … girls do it less at first may be but then more later … oh what do any body know about body bloody decorating ?!?!?! Are not bloody soldiers who survive caking scars eventually ________ uh-oh – know nothing….. – See tattoos on soldiers.
      — Now — IFF they are for-evers, so to say, we might agree that that is not nice — but some one makes a decision here, or there, for these little boys … chuckle and they might make the deciding.
      — Or, maybe they do it anyway by sneaking out about it all and get the tattoos all over them. Perm, like girls’ hair, or just a shamp, mmm chuckle Just that they do it boy style. Know of that from the 1950’s pool hall and crim club on Broad Street. … uh-oh – – – runaway, run run run run-away ( song ) . laugh — How many slum boys get to get to the front line. White niggers as they might get the name but get the call as well as the rest. diablo Complain all you want—– but —– boys are boys … laugh laugh laugh smile smile It is the boy front that invents the finger uselessly but arrogantly against the knife. TATTOO live on … ♂ ♠ ♥ ♣ ♦ ♪

  1. I’m not sure what all the negativity is here most of these boys just want to feel cool for a day.

    Now I’m not the type to bitch about people’s posts but I don’t say a word when some people here are posting pictures of kids that are barely older than a toddler so I’d appreciate it if the negative people who have consistently complained about all my posts would just shut the fuck up and enjoy the beauty of the boys.

  2. Are these pics for real? If so then how sad. That anyone who do or allow this to be done to child is a total jackass. According to DEE they are airbrushed and I hope that means they can easily removed and if so then I must apologize for my harsh comment. Otherwise it stands.

    • Harsh comment ? FREE speech — say aloud and write aware awake and public, say and shout your self. Even if you are ignorant, yout ignorance is more if it is by your silence. Silence can mean alive or dead … but silence is its own dead … it shows by way of your failure by being silent, of your self which is such which yields a zero. If you are completely wrong and a one gets dead because of your open opinion and aa cause of the death of it, as of a jury, for a nicer example comparing it to a hang squad, you are a failure to say nothing … even as a failure you are none the less. An utter uddder failure is worse than a bite, as the old milkmaid says so . OH – sorry – shut my mouth –

  3. I cant understand the negativity. Boys love temporary tattoos. Ever boy I’ve ever known would love to get this done and it’s not like it’s real ink.

  4. Watching kids ‘perreo’ on youtube, and it reminds me of this…

    It’s nice to see boylovers comprehend and perhaps even feel that kind of disgust with a symbol, e.g. windluvr.

    The symbols that create disgust are mostly ones taught to us as children, including drugs, smoking, tattoos, and of course, sex, esp. pedo- (and homo-) philia.

    Only tattoo-phobia seems a bit backwards for bls… What does it matter, if a tattoo on a sexy boy will look horrible in 15 years? So will the boy! smile

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