24 thoughts on “double shot beauty

  1. Love Twins!! drinks Do you ever notice that although twins ,even identical twins that one is somehow just a tad bit different to make him a little cuter? I do. I went to school with 7 sets of identical twins…no really! Almost unheard of but true! good I noticed that early on that there’s always one that’s more dominant too! Great post! good * Not to take over the thread but…….Which one of these sets of twins do you guys think is cuter!!! BTW…pic#2,6 and the last one!!!! HOTTness x2

    • Twins are never really identical. The fingerprints are different. Yes they are. TV cop shows on tv say otherwise but epistemology requires exactitude and forensics also demands it … identical twins cannot be identical — nor are they. They are not ”identical”, DNA nor blood type all the time either. They are no more identical than lovely identical snowflakes, each of which is different though they look so the same as they all feel cool the face … . These little identicals here are …
      Not that anything any one says makes sugar cubes any less sweet !!! drinks heart

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