First post of me

Hi everybody, I’m Jacob, and this is my first post.  If you are interested in more, just leave a comment.  XXX  So, enjoy.(sorry if I look anorexic, I can’t gain weight)

Edit: Please do not share you private accounts here, you can share them about PM with people you like and trust. Sascha

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40 thoughts on “First post of me

  1. You are a very nice looking and to me have a really nice body. I don’t see anything wrong with your weight. I think really thin long legged boys are hott. I’m also from USA. Tennessee but living in Georgia now.. thank you for posting. Do more please.

  2. BARK ! BARK ! dog dog Doggies love anorexic humans … dogs do they kill for foods, even eat their ‘masters’ … yes the escomo guys can tell you from the past … … ha ha … doggies also feed their friends as and if possible. laugh . dog

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