27 thoughts on “High Res Pictures

    • The boy in Picture Number One of this post is such as to be to know, to protect, and to culture, at all cost, costing your life. inlove heart smile Oh my god I do not like nor believe in. good yes smile He is too beautiful to allow any harm. And I still am not a believer. But this guy is proof of the wondrousness of the all … oh shut up … ha ha ha

  1. Last pic is cute! I love that he’s wearing a shirt that compares his beauty to his Mom’s! but he is hands down way prettier! and I’ve never seen her! and really don’t want to! yes

  2. My favorites were the boys with wheat chaff in his lips staring into the sky, and the boy using the “shark fins” from his surf board as a toothpick. They were ALL cute but those two peaked my attentions. Thanks.

    • Some boys just love to put things in their mouths! and some like to put their things in mouths…….. hug First boy is to die for What a stud!!! OMG i want that one!!!

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