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Would like to chat with anyone near my age :P

Edit: Please to not publish pictures only focused to your underwear. I must remove the most of them sad   Sascha

15 thoughts on “Me!

  1. Agree with Justin ^^^ Thats my thoughts exactly You have a gorgeously cute hot looking face ! Show it clear and close if you can /want to!! Your belly is very kissable among other things chuckle and your package is hot (because its REAL) laugh Definitely want to see way way more of you Mark……Im lovin what i see so far!!! dash dash Your a Beautiful Bulgarian Boy!!

  2. I’m not around your age but still wanted to compliment you on your great looks and nice body.thanx for posting. Your pics are well worth checking out.

  3. Now we all know his belly button is not a 78. His midriff niggle needs a * or some thing closer to the 8. chuckle So to speak. ( Even my CAT knows about THAT ! — ) His wriggle has a sort of smile to it. chuckle chuckle

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