10 thoughts on “The Odyssey: Winter (Part 1)

  1. I’m not a fan of winter. In fact, I hate it, so it took me a little while to warm to the set, but that;s my problem, not yours. However, after a while I began to be captivated by the lonely sinister effects of the way that the boy is placed in the stark, grey scenery of #1, 5 & 6. Yes, the cliff shot is really good, especially the way in which the bird seems to be menacingly circling the strange figure looking out over the landscape. But the one that really did it for me was #2. The way that the red berries gently break up the otherwise monotonous monochrome hue is really effective. There is also something eerie about the way in which the out-of-focus red berry effects, and the branches, appear to be enshrouding the boy.

    • Thanks for the comments. I hate to tell you that some of the effects in my pictures that you mentioned were just pure accident, a fluke. Other’s, like the red berries and the bush, were sitting down and playing with the focus. I took like a whole roll on just that photograph and chose 1 out of thirty-some that meant something to me.
      Winter is my most hated month too. Remember, I lived in Denmark. Winter is brutal in Denmark. When you see beautiful pictures of Denmark, they are usually summer photos. Why? Because by summer our testicles have thawed enough where we CAN go out and run around. There is one photo that I was proud of (Winter Part 2) and that is when I got Tom to walk across the lake ice. I’m not sure if people raised in southern climates can appreciate this photo. All boys growing up in Denmark are warned almost daily about the Dangers of the Ice breaking and us drowning. I wanted to bring this across in one photo. You’ll see.
      Again, this series took a year to make. This is the only site that has seen these pictures, however, already I have spied my photos copied on other sites without permission. But I don’t care. I wanted to walk through a year. This series was originally a school essay contest, that’s it. With success, it became something more, by accident. Mostly it became fun.

      • Yes, I fully appreciate that some of the effects are the result of pure fluke. Happy accidents do happen, and it’s nice when they do because it saves a lot of hard work, although most of the time it;s sheer graft. The important thing is that, however the results are achieved, they elicit a reaction on the part of the viewer, and judging by the responses, you have achieved that. It doesn’t matter how you achieve it, so long as you achieve it.
        The reason why I really liked #2 was because it reminded me of a poem called “En Arabesk”, coincidentally, by the Danish novelist Jens Peter Jacobsen. The reason I know it was because it was set to music by the English composer Frederick Delius. The poem is full of symbolism, but at one point in the poem a lonely hawthorne bush is mentioned, which is
        “Drypper den de blodrøde Bær
        Ned i den hvide Sne;
        De glødende Bær
        I den kolde Sne.”
        Yeah, I had to google the original Danish, but my point is that Jacobsen uses the verbal imagery of “blood red” against “cold white”, and you’ve obtained a similar visual imagery of blood red against stark grey. The music I mentioned and know so well does the same by pitching a low, warm baritone solo against high icy string chords. Sorry to be so detailed, but I just wanted to say why it resonated with me so much. Also, by playing around with the focus, you obtained a perfect balance, as well as flow and movement in the image, because it really does appear as if the branches and the blood red berries are wrapping themselves around Tom. And, before Kasper bans me for going too much off topic, I’d better say that Tom is very cute. He’s also got an incredible knack of adopting just the right pose or expression without seemingly trying too hard. I’ll look forward to seeing what you’ve done with him walking across the lake ice.

  2. Here 85F laugh Sunny Blue Skies………Hot boys on Surfboards,Sk8trs in shorts and hot young boys enjoying their summer vacations!!! inlove Also Florida you know i like and enjoy your work..you should have copyrighted and watermarked your work before posting it though! someone can up and claim these as their own and possibly make money on them too! Just saying?… Hey so the red-head is Tom? Hes cute!!!

  3. Thought of the guy in Picture Number TWO as the berry boy who escapes from and out of the berry bushes which are scratching close to being thorns and wanting him for a meal. laugh Must need a coffee ! chuckle OUCH !!

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