What the f#$& something different!

Aaaaaa,    I don’t know what to say!







Ok, I’ll give you half a good post.

I know a lot of you like the Impetus Junior boy so here he is.





Your welcome!

16 thoughts on “What the f#$& something different!

  1. The face painting was wonderful, really nice change, the first little guy was incredible, had he been one of my sons I would never have gotten up out of the paint. laugh Thank you for a very nice post Yoblover. drinks heart good

  2. Really love the last five…..he is so cute…..!!!!! Would love to see him in briefs sometime, not a big fan of boxers or boxer briefs. Thank you for a nice post …..!!!!!! laugh inlove

  3. Face paint pics were cute…you can still see the cuteness through all that paint!! Especially #2 And Impetus is a total doll!! such a cute f`ing face!! and that tight boy body wow hes going to be hotter in a year or two! Not that he isnt now!! And yes agree the pic with all three hotties id too exiting !!

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