11 thoughts on “Boys.

  1. Eddy…pic #4 out of focus??? UUmmm i wonder why? Can you see Dad just mad doggin the guy with the camera/phone? He looks like he is onto him!! chuckle To me 9,10& 11 is the best boy too bad they are out of focus he looks super hot!! Yummy!

  2. I agree with Eddy about out of focus pics. Some pics and not just this post have pics so out of focus that they are a waste of space. I might recommend a software download called FastStone. It used to be freeware. I’m not sure if it is anymore. It has a function to help make out of focus pics a little clearer but even it has its limitations. It also has other very useful functions as well and if it’s still freeware, then it’s a real bargain.

  3. — sometimes boys need a hard long spanking … this is what some of these photos look like they are about. Boys being bad being begetting butt beating. That way they can mis-behave later on. laugh Not like me … am a good boy and do right … sniff sniff … just sometimes …

    — as for #4, the left over brown thing on the small plate looks like it is a napkin folded up tight. Blurry picture ? Fail to see what is there to miss … mmm. oh. laugh There is a message on that shirt … and the he himself.

    — ……………….. gives tiny dots a fiend. I mean, a friend. smile smile

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