23 thoughts on “Cute Diaper Boys

  1. Oh Doug (and beast)……..how I wish you both lived nearby!! I wait for both your posts and your commentaries,,,,..guess I better join up………

    • Thanks Curt….!!!!! My last couple post only got very few comments. My Neighbor Boys only got a couple comments which reminds me…..they are really my neighbor boys so please guys don’t repost them here or anywhere else I really like them, plus their dad would really kill me if he found out. I don’t think he likes me anyway….caught me staring at his kids to much……!!!!!!!!

      • Doug Though i didnt comment (sometimes im in a hurry and scan BoB without commenting) and if you know me i am pretty long winded and comment with pages full…lol… chuckle BUT i do love your candid boy shots ,wish they were clearer but i too have a few shots of my neighborhood boys and know how careful you must be!!! Yeah watch out for mom and pops they seem to have a” BL- boydar” and seem to know when your scoping there boys! More please!!!!! I love them.

    • Sorry I can’t tell you much. They were part of about six to eight pics someone posted on here a while back. I thought they were hot so I saved them to my phone. Then when I wanted to do a post on diapers I added these to the post.

    • Those were just a trial run of all-white diapers which never got produced, hunter. I think maybe you’re better off with the Goodnites; no tapes to have to fasten by yourself. Maybe?

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