17 thoughts on “Entertaining Boy

  1. While i prefer my boys in boy clothing I do LOVE this sweet blondie! and if he wants to wear a bra Id let him!!!! He is absolutely gorgeous AND OH SO KISSABLE AND MORE!! Sexy too! I want all of him NOW!!!!! inlove hug What a turn on! UUgghhh! yes

    • UUgghhh! ??? —> It is UHG or UHG. You mean UMPH. laugh you got stuck … ha ha ha It is UHG or UHG. You maybe mean UMPH. laugh you maybe got stuck … ha ha ha UUgghhh! — The pronouncing of that UMPH effusive yell yields a spelling — umph — which many writers use. Not Shakespeare nor John Milton, they being pure experts & hiding their awareness of the real life of language — thus allowing them to live. The english mod linguists insist that the version of the spelling for such an expletant starts with a ph, not f … the f from the f*** is too old and exists before english is even such a thing as a written language, the f is, by a consensus in the two conservatory deciders of modern English spelling, ph, depending. Ha Ha. Ancient greece decides its spelling similarly, differently as for them there is no English. JUST FUNNING WITH YOU .. laugh drinks dash and chuckle .

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