32 thoughts on “Ist Post

        • Yeah!!! He would also be very versatile to use outside the car. joy hug But do you know if this kind of gadgets are expensive … the purchase price and maintenance costs? However, he would surely give full value for my money. yes
          He, however, could be very dangerous in the front seat of the car in traffic … I mean that perhaps I could not keep my eyes and my hands off of him while driving a car. wacko In any case, he is such a lovely package. Sigh.

  1. — eddy — Picture Number FOUR — you write ‘ Shotgun. ‘ and do maybe want to shotgun and maybe you say shotgun at the time you shotgun. laugh going — going — gone laugh he is a cute little thing but not needing a shot, gun nor otherwise laugh
    — Picture Number FIVE has a guy with a medicine vial hanging … mmmm … ?
    — Guy in that chair, #7, awaits a hard long severe spanking. Looks like he needs it. ha ha ha … what a bunch of nonsense.

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