32 thoughts on “Little League World Series (Aug. 18-28) Let’s go Chula Vista (West)

    • No problem! The actual Little League World Series will be on Sunday, August 28, with the best American team playing the best International team. On Saturday, August 27 the two best American teams will play each other, and the two best International teams will face each other. From now until then, the 8 best American teams, and the 8 best International teams play in elimination games. Weekend games are on ABC, and weekday games are on ESPN. Enjoy!!

  1. Yes Robert I too am a years long fan of Little League Baseball I just dream of August and the LLWS As you say it is so hot to watch these 11 thru 14 year olds and how good they are at their sport and how HOT they are!!! ,Ive fallen in love just about every year with a few favorites on every team lol chuckle As soon as i can get it together i will try and comment on specific names of boys that i think are exceptionally hot!! Chula Vista boys are ok But Oregon,Kentucky,Iowa OMG so freakin hot! If you go on LLWS.org they have all of the boys pics and stats too! Some are J.T. Garcia,Julian Mora,Nathan Moran,Spencer Newman Patrick Forbes etc etc…..Check out the teams at the site its yummy!!! Thanks Robert good

  2. Robert…so do you remember the two hot blonde boys from Cali from …i think 2015 possibly 2014 i think?…. The long haired blondes,Now they were hot! good

  3. Ooooh Rob what an aficionado you are ! laugh I love it! heart Im glad to see there is someone else that follows the LLWS every year as close as id do, BUT man you know your stuff sir! laugh I cant wait for August each year! Enjoying this year so far.. Thanks for being my kindred spirit of LLWS! good I have many tapes of years past and there are definitely some super hot boys!!! So damn cute!!! and yes i do love to watch them compete too!! Its not ALL about the booty! Well okay its most of it!….But i do hate to see the losers cry,I just want to hug them!

  4. No particular preference here except maybe for the team with the cutest boys.
    I’m always somewhat skeptical of those teams who have a kid 6’4” and 250 lbs on it .
    Is it Little League or Large Lugs were supposed to be watching?
    I always love it when the youngest and cutest kid on the team hits a home run or makes a spectacular fielding play.
    If you’re truly a devoted fan of Little League, you might enjoy the movie ” The Perfect Game.”

  5. Congrats “CHULA VISTA” made it today!! Lizzaraga is a stud!! Yeah!! I have to admit i dont always go for the home team like i should …I tend to go for the hottest boys on whatever team that happens to be in any given year!! chuckle I loved the Oregon boys! and Nevada boys, New York and New England,Texas, Italy ,Iowa!!!Some juicy hot young studs there!! Julian Mora is one of my favorites this year!! He has braces and is so so cute!!! Theres more i just cant think of any right now but oh my palms are busy this season… chuckle

  6. GREAT GAME TENNESSEE!!! (Let’s bring the LLWS Trophy back to the States!!) Now that Japan is out, I would watch out for both Canada and Korea!!
    Better luck next year Chula Vista!! (Hold your heads up boys! You played good!)

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