9 thoughts on “strong wrestling boys

  1. wrestling woodies are not ‘unusual’. nor are they about sex. except for viewers. lots of boys get a stiffie when they have to speak in front of the class … it is not sexual. most of the class then pays attention. boys might get a chubbie while under interrogation by an adult, m or f, a ‘symbol of power’, or submission, maybe, or just the result of nerves. Spanking gets some boys to get a hardie. it is not sexual … the nervous system is not ‘logical’. note other oddities of the nervous system — some males cry when they shave under their nose … so they keep the fuzz, we call it mustache, which becomes a decoration to play with. Some cry if they get hit there, as by a slap, and it need not be even slightly painful at all, yet the eyes just emit tears anyway. A hit on the balls makes the stomach hurt … go figure, yet real. these photos might get some viewer’s body to react with a thickie that might be sexual yet might be merely, yes, this word, ‘associative’. ejact without orgasm is as real as ejact with, go figure. uh – oh — telephone ringing … mmmfff, you know who it is … laugh

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