20 thoughts on “Cutie set part 1

    • His just a kid,but hes a little sweetie,as all kids when their young.I’m 19,and i have certain desires but you don’t have to be like real monsters out there,if any thing,i would do everything in my power to protect them.We were little too.Their real treasures. The last 19 years of my life,has flown by. Anyway booyyyssss,i’m looking for present day photos of model boy Carlos. I’m dyin here. Heeelllp! shock
      P.S. Young boys,that are just so addorable,i envy them,but being 19 is awesome,i’m down with the hot teen boys,i’m talking shirtless sagger-sagging,hot bods and
      packing big ones.You ever get tag teamed boyz? laugh Its so auws……..Later bois. good

  1. This wee boy is a doll! I look at him as a cute little boy who has a face of an angel and innocence beyond his years! So what if he wants a pacifier ,Let him have it…Your only a kid once! let him be….. I would kiss him and hug him,tickle his pretty feet, take him to the zoo,the park,to the beach,play games with him and just love him unconditionally!!! He is every bL`s dream and i dont mean for sexual things but for the closeness and love that i think a lot of BL`s translate into other venues? Hes a doll i love this kid and wish he was my boy! good

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