34 thoughts on “Me!

  1. What would happen if you let your little monster out of the cage? Looks like you even have a special one all set up with it’s own feeding and watering station in the bedroom?

  2. Selfie tip: set your smartphone camera to front lense or timer setting and find a thick picture frame from your home, lean against mirror, set your phone up to snap in 10 seconds using the mirror for snapshot position. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the results

  3. You are all that! and a box of cookies too! yes Yes you are fine as hell and i like many others I adore you and want you! So i will refrain from asking you to pm me or any trivial fantizational head games !~ If i were near you you’d be mine! But your not so your not! You look absolutely stunningly hot kid! Just like past boyfriends of mine you look a lot like them …aka: my type!! I would do anything for you! You can only imagine what i would do to you! and looking at your pic i could only imagine how much you would love it.. chuckle Sweet Dreams hot boy!!!

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