28 thoughts on “More oғ мe #2

  1. Mikey…As ive stated before you are so so cute and i love your face as well as your body! I would do anything for you that’s how hot i think you are! Your pics are to die for too! Yummy tummy! I wont go into how i want you to pm me because i think that’s an effort in futility ,Its nice to fantasize but that’s just not in my realm of reality at this time! I only WISH that i could get to know you and be your close friend but that will not happen on the net! I do adore you and do fantasize about what it would be like to be with you and how i would love you ! Thanks for sharing your beautiful gorgeous face you have movie star looks and a hot sexy body thanks for sharing it with with BoB!! I have had boys similar to you and can tell you that its amazing how much joy and happiness you guys bring! Trust me! If it were at all possible to be with you I WOULD!!! in a hot minute!! Sometimes its just painful to see some hot boys like you who are out in the wide world of the internet and you cant reach them but….I will be thinking of you from time to time…. Keep posting and stuff…Love Ya!!! heart

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