Speedo World Minor Males

I enjoy posts by Easyal and others who show very handsome sexy young males’ head shots, really I do. But, I find the total minor male very pleasing to my libido, since nude is a big no no, speedos and thongs have to do. Here are some I found hanging out at the beach and other places, wish they would hang at my place. I hope you want them to visit you too.nbbspi10 nbbspi10 (2) nbbspi10 (3) nbbspj1 nbbspj2 nbbspj2 (2) nbbspj2 (3) nbbspj3 nbbspj3 (2) nbb149spedolder

57 thoughts on “Speedo World Minor Males

  1. I love that come hither look in one, and the vantage point in number two, and three looks like he’d be just as happy walking around in nothing. That’s all I have room for in my bed at a time. I’ll come back and swap them out with the rest later. Thanks, Dave.

    • Don’t I wish they would all walk around my bedroom with nothing on, luckily I have a big bed, we could all play, you too. Thank you for the comment my friend. drinks hug dog [for jigs]

    • Anything? Well…I can see it, but give up a night with Danny or the cutie in orange on the blog page, that I would not do, but he is worthy of worship. My you kneel in front of him and worship someday. That you for the comment Rokey, the mind is free to spend the night, enjoy. laugh drinks hug

  2. Okay ALL HOT naturally BUT 2,7,&9 are exceptional! and 7 i would take over Danny any day (sorry Danny fans)…..He is a freakin hot ass boy!!! Yummy! If i could only say what i reallly want to say on this blog..but i cant so i will leave it for your vivid imaginations…..*.visions of cute nude boys dancing in my head like whimsical fairy’s in Neverland…lol… chuckle

    • It is so nice to have a place to legally interact with beautiful minor males, here one can have them as friends for all kinds of play. I know #7 just wants to play all day and night, enjoy Boyaddicked, thank you for the comment. drinks heart laugh

    • There are no limits to how you know them here, all legal, I know what you are saying and I wish it was safe to, but you know the world we live in. Thank you for the comment supersonic. drinks heart

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