9 thoughts on “Wet Bubbly Boys

    • Oh,i agree.Babies are the most beautiful gifs,sent my “God”. How sick,insane people can throw them away,its so sad.The greatest thing about babies,for me is,when i see them smiling,or sleeping,it takes all my frustrations away,i’m like humble,free.Its a pure,like them.They are Angels,on earth.God bless,those little ones.That’s from the heart. inlove

        • People makeup stories … gods, dogs, boys, yobs … imps, pixies, and nymphs, for examples, male and female versions. Remember CUPID. smile
          I am one of the most hated people in the world … I am hated in my neighborhood for being honest and out loud about it. A very dangerous thing to be is honest. Even if I am honest about my ignorance, they hate me for being so. ha ha ha but real. smile

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