9 thoughts on “The Odyssey: Winter (Part 2)

  1. Oh yeah! There’s some really imaginative effects in all of those. Tom on the ice lake has worked really successfully. I like the blueish hue and the cold icy ripples. They are al very impressive and compelling.

  2. I love these, and I’m really sorry to see them end. Did you do the pictures or did you have a source? Whichever they are charming, and clever. Thanks for posting them.

    • I used the Canon EOS 70D and Photoshop CS6. The project began Christmas Day 2015 and ended on August 21, 2016. I’ll use this photo essay for my Mid-Term and Final assignment in my Photography Class at UHM for 2016-2017 year. All my homeschooling goes through UHM.

  3. To answer your questions, I will post more pictures but they won’t be Photo Art. To do this takes a lot of time, too much time in a school year–even with homeschooling. Mum reminded me that the world does not revolve around Justin.

    But, I have an opportunity to work as the Ship’s Documentarian/Photographer for my Pa’s business. My Pa does Ocean-going Charters for Family Holidays. My job will be to document everything. You’ll see more of my work later. But, now that school has started again. I’m going to take a little break. I may post some of my old work.

  4. Highly creative indeed! Hope you do really well in your assignment.
    I own the Nikon D810 because at the time it had the highest mega pixel count at 36.
    I needed a camera that I could push the ISO and give me as little noise as possible because I have to shoot in “varied” and often “poor lighting” situations particularly and mainly at indoor swim meets while using a moderately long telephoto lens from high up in the balcony because you are not allowed on the deck area. Although the high pixel count helps reduce the noise somewhat, there is trade off ,since the Nikon D810 doesn’t focus all that well under low lighting conditions thus it becomes a real challenge for me get the results I want to my satisfaction. In outdoor shooting however the results are excellent with spectacular color rendering , resolution, clarity and virtually noise free.
    I also own the Nikon D5 but again there is a trade off . Lower pixel count at 21 but superb auto focusing with fast rapid fps and a huge buffer. I use it mostly for “outdoor” action photo shooting.
    Once again I hope and know you will do well in your assignment. Good Luck!

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