20 thoughts on “A Day at the Waterpark Pt. 1

  1. I really love all the pictures of all the boys at the waterpark I would not mind being with them and I really love their sexy shorts and I would also love to just have fun with them at the waterpark all the boys are cute

  2. I’ve noticed that many of the pictures in water parks boys pull down the back of their briefs to sit bare on the slide, better faster slide that way? Certainly better picture!

  3. I guess the old adage is true. “You get what you pay for.” It’s obvious these photos were taken with a really cheap camera. The resolution and sharpness is terrible and does a great injustice to the beauty of the subject matter. If you’re serious about photography then get the proper tools and take photos for which you can be proud. Attack my post all you want but you know I’m right.

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