16 thoughts on “Boy with ripped body

  1. You can tell he is VERY comfortable with his body (and why not?) Its HOT!!.. joy BUT … I really think by the way hes pulling on his shorts he keeps pulling them down just until before he shows “the goods” then back up but he looks tempted to do more!! And i think that he WOULD take them off except for the fact its on YT and he knows he cant so …I think if he had the opportunity in the right venue he would take them off! And i admire him for that! Why NOT! He has a perfect body (for now anyway) He should enjoy it while hes got it!!! He is so delicious looking and I bet he tastes as sweet as a chocolate eclair.. :0

  2. What a great body… wonderful pecs and abs, and delectable nipples. The hottest thing is the way he poses, so naturally, lowering those shorts as far as he dares, and the look on his cute, handsome, adorable face. Thanks so much for posting, Timmyboy.

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