My favourite boy Janis #3 (last)

Hey guys!

Sorry for not posting a long time but I don’t think you missed me xD

So yes, this is the last post of my lovely Janis I felt in love with since 3 years. He is now 13, I am 16. If you like him, please comment smile)



Btw, if you wanna chat I’m open to all people smile

32 thoughts on “My favourite boy Janis #3 (last)

  1. I agree with Robert ,you are very lucky to have him in your life and I’m sure he is just as lucky to have you just mind you don’t get your heart broken,you sound like a sensitive lad as am I so tread carefully and care for each other but love yourself first always Liam ,xxx obi dog dog dog dog dog

  2. “Liam and Janis sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G !!!” oops, sorry an old nursery rhyme. I hope he loves you as mush as you love him. Have an absolutely wonderful relationship. Dave

  3. It doesn’t matter who we love or how we find it, just as long as there is love.

    “So love! Here is my song. A song of serenade for you. I care not the world may say without your love there is no day. So love here is my song. A song of serenade to you.”

    It’s to bad you can’t hear the melody to this because it is beautiful.Perhaps some of you have heard it and know how truly a beautiful message it leaves with you.

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